RILES Network hit looming PNR fare hike

11 Mar


Commuters’ group Riles Laan sa Sambayanan (RILES) Network trooped the executive office of the Philippine National Railways in Manila to protest the impending fare hike in the country’s commuter railway service.


According to RILES Network spokesperson Sammy Malunes, the PNR fare hike is unacceptable to the riding public claiming it is an additional burden to PNR commuters and would only go to pockets of corrupt officials and private corporations.


“There is no justifiable reason to increase fares in the PNR. It is another burden to commuters who are mostly workers with meager wages. The increase would not even be used to improve the railway’s service but to pay PNR’s debts to private corporations” Malunes said.


The commuter group expressed outrage over the Aquino government’s reason for increasing fares which according to PNR General Manager Joseph Allan Dilay, is to pay its accumulated debts to private contractors.


“It is enraging that we commuters are being forced to pay PNR’s debts. We do not even know where these debts were spent because it was obviously not used to at least ease the rapidly decaying conditions of the railway service” Malunes said.


RILES insisted that with its fare box ratio alone, the PNR has sufficient funds for its operations. The PNR was also given additional allocation from the 2015 national budget for its rehabilitation.


“For the longest time, the government has abandoned the country’s commuter railway service and let it become a milking cow of corrupt government officials and private contractors. Now they want us to pay more for a rotten railway service?” said Malunes.


The commuter group meanwhile demanded that instead of increasing fares, the government should increase its subsidy for the PNR to ensure that is rehabilitated, and maintained well for the safety and protection of the riding public.


“The country’s commuter railway system is a public utility and service which is essential not only to PNR commuters but to the country’s economy as well. It is the government’s obligation to subsidize the railway’s operation, maintenance and improvement” Malunes said. ###


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