Commuters clap to stop MRT-LRT fare hike

5 Jan

Commuter group Riles Laan sa Sambayanan (RILES) Network led what it called a “Clap 2 Stop” protest today against the newly-implemented increase in MRT and LRT fares, calling on MRT and LRT commuters to voice out their protest by clapping their hands while falling in line at the ticket queues and inside the train stations.

“The riding public has spoken: we will stop Aquino’s treacherous and burdensome fare hike! The Aquino administration has implemented the fare hikes behind commuters’ backs and amidst widespread opposition and protest,” RILES Network spokesperson Sammy Malunes said.

RILES Network claimed that the fare hike is treacherous and illegal as it was approved while commuters were busy with holiday preparations in order to hide the move from public scrutiny and without presenting the actual increase before public consultations.

“We commuters are enraged by the fact that Aquino is committing this great train robbery against the riding public to fill the pockets of private contractors and investors,” Malunes said.

The commuter group insisted that the fare hike would only be used to honor onerous contracts with private contractors and investors and not to improve the MRT and LRT’s services.???????????????????????????????

“We have every reason to believe that the fare hike will go to the pockets of the government’s big capitalist contractors, not to the improvement of services. The MRT and LRT provide public services which should not be turned into private businesses. Their privatization only means there would be more fare hikes in the coming years,” Malunes said.

Aside from mass protests in train stations, RILES Network also joined other anti-fare hike groups in filing a Temporary Restraining Order before the Supreme Court to push for a stop to the increase’s implementation.

“We will exert all efforts to stop Aquino’s anti-commuter and anti-poor fare hike. Though legal efforts help in temporarily blocking the fare hike, we call on our fellow commuters to continue and intensify our protests until the fare hike is totally junked,” Malunes said.

???????????????????????????????The commuter group warned that they would hold bigger and bolder protests until the fare hike is junked.

“We promise Aquino that the riding public will continue to protest and hold bigger actions to junk his great train robbery as we have done in his previous attempts to increase fares,” Malunes said. ###


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