We reject the MRT-LRT fare hike!

21 Dec

The Riles Laan sa Sambayanan (RILES) Network condemns Pres. Noynoy Aquino over yesterday’s announcement by the Department of Transportation and Communications of fare hikes for the MRT, LRT1 and LRT 2 that will be effective starting January 4.
The fare hike’s approval comes like a thief in the night, and is just as unwelcome. The announcement was made at a time when Filipinos are busy preparing for Christmas, when it would be difficult to mount big protests which the move deserves and incites.

We are calling on the riding public and all Filipinos to speak up and protest this move. Let us prove the Aquino government wrong in thinking that because of the announcement’s timing, this fare hike would not be met by widespread condemnation.

Let us maximize social media to express our opposition, even as we vow to immediately hold protests against this action. We are calling on the public to join bigger protests next year against the move. Aquino, the Grinch, deserves our condemnation.

We reiterate: this move is a prelude to the privatization of the train systems and is aimed at guaranteeing the profits of big capitalists close to Aquino who are salivating over ownership of the MRT and LRT. It is an added heavy burden for commuters.

The fare hike not only erases the “pogi points” which the government earned by ordering a rollback in jeepney fares, it will fan the public’s anger towards the Aquino government which has not stopped price hikes and increased workers’ wages.

It is now clear to us why the Aquino government refused to step into and solve the problems besetting the train systems, despite the August 2014 accident in the MRT. It has been allowing the problems to thrive all along in ordert to try to justify the hikes!

For years, the public has successfully prevented this fare hike from being implemented. However, the greed of big capitalists is insatiable and the Aquino government’s subservience to big capitalists knows no bounds. Let us intensify our protests!

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