On the looming LRT, MRT fare hike

8 Oct

We commuters are enraged by the Department of Transportation and Communication and the Aquino government’s renewed push to increase fares in the LRT and MRT. The Aquino government is being callous in insisting on increasing fares amidst the widespread rejection expressed by workers, students and the public of their past attempts to hike fares.

There is widespread rejection of the MRT-LRT fare hike because joblessness is at an all-time high, the prices of basic commodities especially food items are going up, tuition and other school fees continue to increase, wages continue to be depressed, and contractual employment continues to spread.

We are further enraged by the DOTC’s use of the dreadful condition of the MRT and LRT as an excuse to increase fares. The ever-worsening condition of the country’s railway system is not due to shortage of funds, as the DOTC claims, but because of this government’s criminal neglect, widespread corruption, and the privatization of the MRT and LRT.

We have every reason to believe that the lack of improvements, the daily technical glitches and failures – which result in long queues and slow train movements – and even the worst accident in MRT history (the August 13 derailment) which injured scores of commuters, were done deliberately to try to justify the government’s long-stalled plan to increase fares.

The government’s renewed push for a fare hike in the LRT and MRT is not in any way intended to improve the service provided by the country’s elevated railway system. It is an extortion scheme aimed at squeezing the people dry to guarantee the profits of private contractors and investors. The Aquino government’s Public-Private Partnership program assures investors of profits at the expense and to the detriment of the riding public.

We will not allow this government to carry out this extortion scheme for private profits. We assure the Aquino government that commuters, workers, students, professionals and the Filipino people, will rise up and protest to stop the LRT and MRT fare hike, just as we did in its previous attempts.

STOP MRT LRT fare hike

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