Hol-DAP of MRT improvement funds slammed

5 Sep

Commuter group Riles Laan sa Sambayanan (RILES Network) today condemned the Department of Transportation and Communications for surrendering funds for the improvement of the MRT to the Aquino administration’s Disbursement Acceleration Program.

“We are enraged by the fact that commuters are being made to risk their lives every day in an unsafe railway system just because the Aquino government robbed its funds and used it for bribery and patronage politics” Sammy Malunes, Riles Network spokesperson said. 

In a Senate hearing on the August 13 MRT accident, Senator Nancy Binay exposed that the  DOTC surrendered P4.5 billion allocated for purchasing new cars for the MRT to the DAP which was recently declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

“We condemn the DOTC for being an accessory to the Aquino government’s crime against the Filipino people. The billions of fund siphoned by Aquino’s unconstitutional DAP could have used to at least lessen the day-to-day agony of MRT commuters” Malunes said.

The commuter group blamed the everyday woes of commuters on the “chronic” graft and corruption in the MRT operations citing several corruption issues involving DOTC and MRT officials such as the anomalous maintenance contract given to APT-Global who’s owner is a known close friend and financier for the Liberal Party and the $30 million extortion attempt on the Czech Ambassador by the Presidential sister Ballsy Aquino and MRT officials.

“The MRT have become a milking cow for corrupt officials who have been filling their pockets at the expense of the safety and wellbeing of commuters. DOTC Sec. Joseph Abaya has run the MRT with disgustingly gross nepotism, patronage and corruption” said Malunes.

Riles Network demanded that DOTC and MRT officials be filed with administrative and criminal charges for being involved with the hoarding of public funds through DAP and be held accountable for other corruption issues. The group also reiterated their demand for the resignation of Sec. Abaya for mismanagement, nepotism and corruption.

Lahat ng sangkot, dapat managot. Everyone involved in the hol-DAP of people’s fund should be held accountable especially DOTC and MRT officials who’s corrupt practices has put commuters’ lives in jeopardy” he said.


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