Regarding the worst accident in MRT history

13 Aug

We commuters are enraged by the recent accident in the MRT, which is the worst in its history. This is the result of poor maintenance of the country’s elevated railway system. A huge part of the government’s subsidy to the MRT is siphoned off by the private contractor for the train’s maintenance. 

Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) Sec. Joseph Abaya, and Metro Rail Transit (MRT-3) Officer-In-Charge Honorito Chaneco should beheld criminally liable for their gross neglect of the safety of commuters and endangering the lives of MRT commuters. There must be an immediate and thorough investigation into the MRT’s maintenance contracts with private investors.

Pres. Noynoy Aquino should also be held accountable. He has failed to solve the long-standing problems in the MRT and the said problems have only worsened under his term. Under the Aquino presidency, the MRT made news not for improvements but for corruption cases. He has refused to study how the subsidy for the MRT can be allocated wisely and has contented himself with perennial calls for a fare increase. He has refused to create a safe, efficient and affordable mass transport system which is the mandate of the government.

We also condemn the excuse made by MRT spokesperson Hernando Cabrera that the accident was merely caused by a technical problem. The MRT-3 has failed to place the accident within the broader context. The callous MRT management did not even apologize to the victims of the accident and to all affected commuters.

Commuters have long been suffering from the MRT’s grossly inefficient service — starting from extremely long queues, to frequent technical glitches that cause delays to and confusion among commuters, to the unbearable conditions inside the train. It is most revolting that amidst all these, the government and private contractors want to impose a big-time fare hike in the MRT.

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