On the injuring of 10 MRT passengers

26 Mar

We condemn the MRT management for causing the injury of 10 of its passengers today. We condemn it for the overall suffering it has been causing the train system’s passengers for years now.

Glitches and problems in the MRT’s operation stem from the fact that its maintenance is privately-managed. This setup has resulted in the purchase of overpriced but low-quality spare parts.

The MRT’s poor maintenance is now being exploited by the Aquino government and the MRT management to cause delays, injuries and various problems in the hope that such problems will legitimize a fare hike.  

We are calling for the resignation of Atty. Al Vitangcol, MRT general manager. He is a mere political appointee of Pres. Noynoy Aquino and has not exhibited the knowledge and skills necessary to managing the MRT. 

We are calling on Aquino to order the Department of Transportation and Communications or the LRT Administration to assume the MRT’s maintenance. Aquino should terminate the government’s contract with the private corporation handling the train system’s maintenance. 

We are calling for a government takeover of the MRT and LRT and for the nationalization of the country’s train systems. It is only through a nationalized setup can passengers of the MRT and LRT, as well as of the country’s train systems, have the chance of having their interests protected. 

We condemn Aquino for causing the agony of the train systems’ passengers by refusing to create a safe, efficient and affordable transport system. We condemn Aquino for trying to pass on its responsibility of providing such a transport system to the private sector. 

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